First Death Anniversary


It has been a year since our grandma left us.  She was God’s gift to us, and was very much a part of our lives…from our idyllic childhood to the time we left home to try our hand at independence.  I will never forget her last gift to me: a promise that she kept.  She told  me a month before that she was going to see me on my birthday.  She had been in the ICU for almost a week and had not opened her eyes for days, but when I came to see her on my birthday (I was telling her what we had for lunch), she opened her eyes and looked straight at mine.  She kept her promise even though she was too weak by then.

Three days later, she died in a hospital room surrounded by family.

The words I wrote for her epitaph are my heart’s gift to dear old Lola.  

Love always, love forever. 


First published on Blogger on 8/2/11 at 2:30 AM PDT


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