A New Home for Inday


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Packed things up and moved into a new home.

In cyberspace, that is.

I started blogging (http://indaylearnstowrite.blogspot.com/) in 2010, not for economic reasons, but to have an avenue for my so-called writings.  I had no specific theme for my blog.  Anything that caught my eye or my imagination was a good topic.

I grew uncomfortable with the idea of being too public and stopped blogging.

Even stopped writing altogether.

The notebooks went unused.  The pen lost its luster.

When I was finally ready to write again, the words did not fit together.  The adjective next to the noun sounded awkward. Forced.  Like they did not belong together.  They did NOT belong together.

Writing is a gift, a skill, that needs to be practiced and polished.  Respected, even.

So I’m taking the pen again.  And I will not expect magic to flow out of the pages that I write.  Not yet, at least.  I am re-igniting my friendship with words so that the nouns and the verbs and all their friends may be kind to me.  And they will let me borrow their magic.

I don’t think I will be able to shut down my blogger profile.  My sentimentality forbids it.  But here’s to new beginnings in another platform.

Here marks the day Inday learns to write again.




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