Night in Ekkamai

It seems like a fading memory now from a distant past, although it was not too long ago that Bangkok, particularly Min Buri, one of the districts outside the city, was home.  Min Buri is a quiet district, much like my home in the Philippines, so on some weekends when the weather was fine, I would come visit my friend in Punnawithi.


Bangkok is a very vibrant city, dotted with humongous malls and fancy restaurants and five-star hotels, and yes, even a red-light district.  Punnawithi is a subtle neighborhood, so on this particular night, we decided we had had enough of its street food and travelled by train to Ekkamai which is two or three stops (see, fading memory) away.

This was where this collage of cars and motorcycles was snapped.  This is life everyday for a Bangkok local, or anyone who has lived in a metropolitan; this was a small wonder for someone like me who, only 4 months ago, lived in a Philippine countryside.  While my friend inquired about gym membership (!), I stayed on the walkway leading to the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) and just took it all in:  the line of cars waiting for the green light, the sound of the train as it came and went, the high-rise buildings on the horizon.





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